giornata internazionale contro la violenza sulle donne

Photography and Audiovisual

RUFA celebrates the World Day Against Violence Against Women at the Tor di Nona Theatre

Following the events that have already taken place in the past years, RUFA celebrate the World Day Against Violence Against Women by participating, with a photographic project, in the event on Tuesday 23 November H 3.00 pm at the Tor di Nona Theatre, Luigi Pirandello’s historical “home”. In this suggestive corner of Rome, the governor Nicola Zingaretti and the former regional councillor Michele Baldi, promoter of the initiative, inaugurated the so-called ‘Wall of Dolls’: a symbolic work against feminicide, still visible today, placed at the headquarters of the Ater of the capital. The installation is based on an ancient Indian tradition: every time a woman suffers violence, a doll is hung on the door of a house in the community.

Reflection on the subject is entrusted to the work of Francesca Russo, a student of RUFA School of Photography and Audiovisual, coordinated by lecturer Michele Palazzi, who will present her project “I forgive you”.
“It is – explains the student – a tribute to women and in particular to my mother. After my birth, my mother decided to run away from an unhappy and violent marriage to raise her two children alone. Through her body and her scars, I want to tell the story of her experience and bring out her strength. Despite what my mother went through during the years of her marriage, after the divorce she never denied my brother and I a relationship with my father, hiding all her pain and anger to protect us. These are the reasons that led me to consider my mother a strong woman. In this evolution of thought, my mother’s body is sought in nature through its symbols, because nature is strong, it resists and if it is destroyed it always finds a way to be reborn: just as she did. It is not only symbols of strength that manifest themselves, but also of dirt and toil: just as she felt during her marriage. The project alternates between strength and weakness. All this is accompanied by Rupi Kaur’s poems, which act as confessions”.

RUFA, in taking part in such an important anniversary, intends to confront the students with experiences that are not only directed towards their profession and career, but also towards life.

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Some shots of the project I forgive you