Photography and Audiovisual

RUFA and ICCD together between art and documentation

The collaboration between RUFA and the Central Institute for Catalogue and Documentation is taking shape. This important body, linked to the Ministry of Culture, is part of the General Directorate for Education and Research. Specifically, the ICCD carries out research, guidance and technical-scientific coordination functions aimed at documenting and cataloguing the cultural heritage, but also manages the General Catalogue of the national archaeological, architectural, historical, artistic and ethno-anthropological heritage. No less important are the activities carried out for the protection and conservation of its collections of historical and aerial photography. Moreover, the ICCD ensures the coordination and promotes programmes for the digitisation of the cultural heritage within the competence of the Mic, by drawing up the National Plan for the Digitisation of Cultural Heritage.

ICCD and RUFA, thanks to the precious contribution of the Academy’s School of Photography and Audiovisual, coordinated by Michele Palazzi and, for the specific activity, by the teacher Giorgio Di Noto, have created a very high profile training experience. The objective is to create a detailed and accurate photographic documentation within the macro theme: “places, architectures, landscapes”. The start of the project was preceded by some training and information meetings that allowed RUFA students to discuss the problems related to a real client, also addressing the critical issues arising from the proper management of copyright and to better understand how to build the information that the photographic image carries with it for archiving purposes.

In this first phase the students focused on the architecture of specific areas of the capital, generating images and visual contributions, useful for reflection not only in the artistic field, but also in design. The work as a whole will be seen in the months to come, but the enthusiasm shown by the students suggests that the path taken is the right one.