To the cinema Yari Saccotelli with Amos is Zawadi.

Yari Saccotelli with “Amos is Zawadi “From the Academy classrooms to the major international film festivals and now, finally, to the cinema. “Amos is Zawadi“, the docufilm that RUFA graduate Yari Saccotelli conceived to discuss his thesis, is about to take a new leap forward. A few weeks ago, in fact, a tour began that will allow the film to be appreciated and, above all, seen throughout Italy, thus bringing the story of Amos and Zawadi, two boys, two cousins, living in Tanzania, to the national limelight.

The project, launched in 2018, has won several awards: first place as best European film at the “Reykjavík International Film Festival” in Iceland; best emerging film at “The Sabira Cole Film Festival” in Pittsburgh (United States of America); film selected in the “Sweden Film Awards”.

Zawadi is a 19-year-old Tanzanian boy, born with a severe motor disability that does not allow him to be independent. And then there is his cousin Amos who takes care of him day after day. The only limb he is able to control is his right foot, the very one with which he was able to write a fifty-page book entitled “I am Zawadi” which tells of his situation and his land. His independence is provided by Amos, his cousin and indispensable companion. In 2017, Yari Saccotelli flies to Tanzania to spend a month in a small village in the city of Iringa, thus recounting, with a very authentic approach, the reality of Zawadi: a 17-year-old boy who has never known the concept of autonomy in his life.

After the “premiere” on December 3 in Bologna, at cinema Perla, the screening programme moves to Comacchio (Palazzo Bellini) on December 11 at 6 pm and to Ferrara (cinema Santo Spirito) at 9 pm.

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