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Set Design

The Metamorphoses by Ovidio

The replicas of The Metamorphosis by Ovidio, directed by the RUFA lecturer in History of the Performing Arts Francesco Polizzi, with Vincenzo Iantorno, Andrea Lami, Gioia Ricci and Irena Goloubeva.

The Metamorphosis

The performance is an uninterrupted sequence of myths: a continuous interweaving of narratives that mix history and mythology. A show in ten scenes, conceived as a parade of stories that intertwine with one another.

Following the eclectic inspiration of Ovid, the staging plays with different styles and registers, moving from the classical epic (the genesis of the world), to the romantic comedy (Pyrrha and Deucalion), the melodrama (Achilles and Penthesilea), the comic opera (the apple of discord), the farce (Demeter and Persephone), the avanspectacle (the Muses of song) and so on. Mixing events, genres and characters, and playing at updating the forms of myth to discover the archetypal figures of the myths behind contemporary stories.

In this project, RUFA’s contribution was not limited to “only” design, but went even further, involving the students of the Academy in the creation of the scenes and costumes.

Il tirocinio, coordinato dallo stesso Francesco Polizzi, con il sostegno della Compagnia degli Arrufati, ha coinvolto Riccardo Becagli, Beatrice Cantalupi, Elena Mantovani, Flaminia Longano, Costanza Peruzzi, Stefania Tamborrino e Sofia Terzaghi.

The music is by Franco Accascina and Alessandro Quarta. The performances will take place on Friday 17 and Saturday 18 at 9 pm and on Sunday 19 at 5.30 pm.