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Design4Parents deadline extension

The application for the second edition of the Design4Parents contest, dedicated to developing products and services for new parents, has been extended to 31 January 2022. A total of €10,000 is up for grabs for makers, designers, students and innovators.

Following the success of the first edition, which saw more than 200 applications, Filo, the leading startup in the production of IoT tracking devices with Bluetooth technology, in collaboration with ADI and Maker Faire, has decided to repeat the experience, extending the period of time in which it is possible to register.

Another novelty concerns the prize money, which has been doubled compared to last year. This year’s prize fund of 10,000 euro will be divided among the first 3 winning projects: first prize of 7000 euro, second prize of 2000 euro and third prize of 1000 euro.

Themes of Design4Parents

There are two thematic strands guiding the challenge:
Daily life at the time of the Covid – how has the pandemic changed the habits and needs of new families?
Education&Technology – how can technology become an ally of children and parents?

The aim of the contest

The aim of the project is to bring neo-parenting to the attention of the general public, but also to offer support for the emergence of an innovation network. The jury that will examine the projects is composed of Lapo Ceccherelli, designer and co-founder of Filo, Lorenzo Anselmi marketing & product engineering director of Artsana, Alberto Oliverio neuroscientist, Giorgia Lanzilli writer, Anna Oliverio Ferraris psychotherapist and development psychologist, Carlo Frinolli CEO and founder & head of design NOIS3, Marika Aakesson designer and president of ADI Lazio.

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