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16MM RUN Film Festival

It is called 16MM RUN and is the title of the film festival that the Macro, the Museum of Contemporary Art in Rome and specifically the educational services office, has decided to organise starting on Friday 17 December. The year-long event will consist of alternate month screenings of a selection of long and short films in their original format, the 16mm film.

Introduced in 1923 by Eastman Kodak, this film initially had a perforated drag structure and was intended for silent films. Later, a mono-perforated version became popular, so that the soundtrack could be accommodated on one side.

The 16MM RUN festival

16MM RUN is a hymn to the physicality of film, conceived to present a selection of authors and titles outside the mainstream circuits, not easily available or rarely screened in Italy. The programme mainly includes avant-garde and experimental films from the 60s, 70s and 80s without following a specific thematic focus. The project is realised in collaboration with Villa Lontana.

The first screenings will be held in the Cinema Room of the museum, on 17 December 2021 at 19.00, with the screening of a selection of short films by Storm de Hirsch and Carolee Schneemann. No reservation is required and access is free while places last.

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