Set Design

“The Miracle” at the Cometa Off Theatre

On 11 January at the Cometa Off Theater the show “Il Miracolo” will be staged, created by RUFA teachers of creative writing and documentary techniques Franca de Angelis (author) and Christian Angeli (direction). The project also involved professors Massimiliano Maggi for the lighting design and Anna Cianca as interpreter.


Ever since his partner – a former priest – died after a devastating illness, Sergio has lost the will to live. One evening, in her doctor’s office, well beyond reception hours, a woman in her fifties shows up, claiming to be a cloistered nun in a nearby convent and to be pregnant without having been with a man. Sergio struggles to convince Sister Teresa to undergo routine exams. When she finally succeeds, the report seems to confirm what the doctor suspected: the woman is not expecting any baby. An ugly tumor is devastating her. However, Sister Teresa refuses to believe Sergio’s words and to undergo any treatment, opposing her faith in the miraculous event that, according to her, is about to happen to the diagnosis. The miracle touches hot topical issues: the right to decide on one’s own end of life, the possibility for gay couples to have children. But it is above all a show on the elaboration of mourning and on faith, understood as active hope and as such a builder of reality.

Director’s notes

There is nothing more unexpected than finding yourself in the chased side, when whoever hunts you does so with the neurotic grace of Sister Teresa. But it is even more surprising to find yourself in the role of the pursuer, if your prey, at first glance, has the scientifically skeptical grimace of Doctor Sergio. So what story can this be, if not a long emotional pursuit? If not the magnificent obsession of two souls who should have met on the stage of a Broadway musical and instead meet again in an anonymous doctor’s office, even if, to be honest, they had never seen each other before? To paraphrase someone, the miracle is what happens to you while you are busy making other plans.

Find out how to watch the show on the theater’s website.