Fashion design sostenibile

RUFA and The ID Factory, the joint venture

RUFA joins forces with The ID Factory: the innovative digital platform that puts the world of fashion at the service of man.

As part of the new First Level Academic Course in Sustainable Fashion Design, RUFA inaugurates a new collaboration with the innovative company The ID Factory, which will be involved in the educational program as a relevant case study in the Fashion sector. The aim of the joint venture is to stimulate reflections and open new scenarios for RUFA students, within a course that integrates Fashion Design, Environmental, cultural and social sustainability, and which intends to promote the transition towards a circular fashion system.

Fashion companies are required to reduce the unsustainability of the system from an environmental and socio-cultural point of view, through new business models, technological innovation and correct measurement of ESG criteria. The fashion designers of the future will play a key role and must be able to assess the impact of their projects on the environment and society.

The ID Factory helps all the people who work “behind” the product to communicate with each other, connecting over 500 companies to make the supply chain traceable and transparent. An innovative platform that arises from the growing demand for transparency on the part of buyers: the goal is to provide brands in the fashion world – with very complex supply chains located around the world – a service that allows them to monitor all flows and movements that occur: orders, delivery dates, order confirmations and shipments, from the supplier to the customer.

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