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La sigaretta è finita

A lapidary title for the exhibition project of the young RUFA artists and promoted by InsideArt: a concept dedicated to the conceptual and cultural end of the cigarette.

An object that has accompanied the history of humanity for about two centuries, becoming a contradictory reference in contemporary iconography, a symbol of rebellion, bravado, virility, emancipation and boldness. Faithful life partner of artists, writers, musicians, actors and poets. A driver of socializing and sharing, a moment of initiation into adolescence for generations of very young people. Today all this baggage has been wiped out of history. The cigarette has become the emblem of dirt, physical and environmental, of antisociality and homologation. Replaced by alternative forms of smoking, on the one hand, and targeted by increasingly rigid legislation, on the other, it has become a receptacle for “anti-values”. A phenomenology that is seeing drastically reducing the number of consumers and with them all the cultural references to which the cigarette was associated.

This variation of “perceptive landscape” becomes the heart of the art project which features RUFA students selected by InsideArt. The exhibition will be open to the public at Fondamenta gallery from 10 to 19 March.

From installation to photography, to video, there are many languages ​​used by the students of the Visual Arts and Photography courses, coordinated by the teachers respectively Fabrizio Dell’Arno and Stefano Compagnucci. The works presented by the artists are a mix of documentation, awareness and irony. And many of these have the theme of destruction as their background. An idea that stimulates reflection on the ideas associated with traditional smoking.
The initiative was sponsored by the National Association of Electronic Smoke Manufacturers.

The protagonists of the exhibition

The artists selected for the exhibition are the collective made up of Coppola, De Luca, De Salvatore and Florea; Lorenzo Finardi; Janneke Leenders; the Pizzichini and Scilipoti duo; Clarissa Secco; Matteo Tamburro and Matilda Volpini.

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La sigaretta è finita