La Quadriennale di Roma 2022-2024

On Monday 7 March, the president Umberto Croppi and the artistic director Gian Maria Tosatti present the 2022-2024 programming of the La Quadriennale di Roma Foundation on the occasion of the 95th anniversary of the Quadrennial (1927-2022).

The anniversary coincides with a particular junction in the life of the Institution and gives an impetus to the revision of its activities, in a logic of continuous renewal and expansion of the scope of its action. After the 2021 Art Quadrennial, the Board of Directors of the Foundation , chaired by Umberto Croppi and composed of Lorenzo Micheli Gigotti, RUFA Director Fabio Mongelli and Valentina Tanni, decided to use the three-year period 2022- 2024 as an opportunity to consolidate the identity of Quadriennale as a research institution on visual arts in Italy of the XX-XXI century and as a promoter of Italian artists in the country and abroad, according to some specific guidelines: mapping and promotion of emerging art; training initiatives; stable collaborative relationships with institutions abroad; communication, research and training relating to the world of digital and network technologies.

In the wake of the choices made for the previous three years, the Board of Directors wanted to equip the Foundation with an artistic director, to give continuity and coherence to the activities. But he decided to keep the Quadriennale of art out of the 2022-2024 programming to focus his gaze on the entire range of tools and services with which the Quadriennale’s mission can be expressed, with the activation of all the levers of its statute . The design and implementation of the 2022-2024 program was entrusted to Gian Maria Tosatti, selected through a public tender and appointed artistic director of the Foundation until September 2024.

«We are very happy to present ourselves today with an ambitious program and with activities already in place» , declares Umberto Croppi, who continues: «This thanks to the constant support of our participants, the Ministry of Culture, Lazio Region, Municipality of Rome. We also wish to express our gratitude to the prestigious institutional partners: the Mission Structure for the enhancement of national anniversaries at the Presidency of the Council of Ministers, which has made a fundamental contribution to production, and Treccani, with whom we have renewed increasingly integrated agreements “.

The activities of the new programming run in 2022 under the auspices of the 95th anniversary of the Quadrennial (1927-2022). The anniversary provided a frame of strong symbolic value for the review of the activities and the driving force behind the start of the programming, whose projects of analysis, study, promotion of Italian art of the XX-XXI century are developed in the first year and a half. under its denominator. Starting in 2022, the Quadriennale embarks on a journey that aims to strengthen its perception as a reference institution for Italian contemporary art. The Quadrennial presents itself with a visual identity that marks this passage and will accompany it from now on. The new sign belongs to an institution aware of its important history, of which the Library Archive is a living memory, projected to give even more impact to its role. The renewed visual identity of Quadriennale, developed by Studio FM Milano, will be expressed in all the projects and in their communication, starting from the institutional website.

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