CENTO PITTORI Under35 is an event in the 1st edition, organized and promoted by the Roman association Officine Vittoria, which will take place from 23 to 26 April 2022 along the entire Via Margutta, dedicated to artists under 35 and daughter of the historic “One Hundred Painters Via Margutta “.

RUFA students are encouraged to take part in the initiative, whose purpose is to promote contemporary art in all its expressions and to bring along the street of the artists of Rome an open-air exhibition of national and international scope, young and fresh. The exhibited artists will have the opportunity to present the latest contemporary trends through their works. It is an excellent opportunity to get noticed in the artistic scenario and reach an audience interested in Contemporary Art. The event was born thanks to the synergy with the historic initiative “One Hundred Painters of Via Margutta” which for over 50 years has been held along the entire street of artists and which in Rome is a real institution.

Registration is open until midnight on 03/31/2022.

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