Wellbeing and post Covid design

The post covid revolution: the impact of wellbeing on design

A current and necessary topic, which will be addressed on March 19th in RUFA during the conference organized and promoted by AIDIA – Italian Association of Women Engineers and Architects, in partnership with RUFA: Director Fabio Mongelli was among the guests called to speak. The aim of the conference is to analyze the repercussions that the pandemic has had on the design of residential and working spaces. A revolution in needs is underway which has placed “wellbeing” at the center. The designer will have to face a distortion of priorities. The ongoing process will be analyzed starting from the psycho-sociological causes that determined it up to the impact on design.

President of A.I.D.I.A. Rome – Raffaella Seghetti
RUFA Director – Fabio Mongelli
President of A.I.D.I.A. National – Maria Acrivoulis
CNAPPC President – Francesco Miceli

Moderator: Isabella Goldmann

Donatella Caprioglio
The psychological impact of Covid on the behavior of individuals and on living

Chiara Tonelli
The house after the pandemic

Michela Addis
Designing engaging experiences to generate wellbeing

Lorenzo Bellicini
The real estate market in the post Covid era

Claudia Campone
POSThome: the new prototype of living between sustainability and wellbeing

Fabio Mongelli
Design and wellbeing

Francesco Iannone and Serena Tellini
Let’s start with light: lighting and well-being

Elena Baronchelli
Combination of well-being and technology

Debate and conclusions.