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Quando il bambino era bambino

Sunday, March 20 marks the inauguration of the new project of lecturer Davide Dormino: “Quando il bambino era bambino”, with a text by Silvano Manganaro.
The appointment is from 12 noon to 7 p.m. at Fondazione VOLUME!

“…Quando il bambino era bambino,
non sapeva di essere un bambino,
per lui tutto aveva un’anima
e tutte le anime erano un tutt’uno…”

Peter Handke

Davide Dormino’s work, entitled Quando il bambino era bambino (When the child was a child), is an all-embracing experience, an intimate and profound story that begins with an archaeology of thought and ends with an epiphany, an encounter that leaves the spectator, or rather “the observer”, free to reconnect with his or her own thoughts and sensations in a totally personal way. Il titolo Quando il bambino era bambino rimanda al primo verso della poesia-filastrocca Elogio dell’infanzia, scritta da Peter Handke, e leitmotiv de Il cielo sopra Berlino di Wim Wenders. La poesia è uno sguardo indietro verso gli anni dell’infanzia, verso un modo forse dimenticato, fatto di semplicità e di assenza di ambizioni.

Dormino’s intervention, far from any theoretical intent, asks the viewer to leave prejudices and preconceptions outside the door and live an experience, getting back in touch, perhaps, with a forgotten part of himself.

Davide Dormino is the second artist to confront the new, dual, ambiguous exhibition paradigm of VOLUME! The spaces of Via S. Francesco di Sales have in fact been redesigned to create two environments: a larger one, at the same time familiar and alienating, a necessary break from the outside world, and a smaller one, a space without space where it is possible to get lost. This environment, devoid of any spatial reference, is designed (on indication of Michele De Lucchi) to make everyone live a personal experience of perception, a moment of reflection and intimacy with the work. The aim is to create a narration between inside and outside: an active waiting and a contemplative immersion.

The exhibit will be on view March 22, 2022 through April 15, 2022, Tuesday through Friday from 5:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m.