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The Corrupted Archive

The art project ‘The Corrupted Archive’ is continuously seeking contributions for the construction of a participatory visual archive.

“What happens when an image deteriorates? Does a piece of reality vanish?”
The art project The Corrupted Archive – by the artist Luca Spano in collaboration with Maurizio Lai – explores the implications of corrupted images in our system of reality. The ultimate goal is the creation of a generative archive, created through an open and participatory process, which exists and is constantly evolving through a web platform, shaped by the direct contribution of artists and the public. The result will be a real visual search for interactions on materiality in which we live.
Artists from all over the world and from every discipline can participate using the archive as a generative matrix, a starting point for reflections and inspiration. There is no media limit in the rendering: images, videos, texts, drawings, sculpture, sound, screenshots, everything that the author considers right to feed this body.

All materials entered into the system can be downloaded, becoming work and raw material at the same time.
The archive follows a non-linear structure and undermines the hierarchy between the contents: an algorithm randomizes the display and makes the contents traceable only by their name. This means that every time the user browses the archive, the experience will be different.

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