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Quello che il cielo non mi ha detto

From 25 April to 1 May, the new exhibition “Quello che il cielo non mi ha detto” (What the sky didn’t tell me) by Amedeo Longo and Sofia Sotto Corona, artists and RUFA Fine Arts students, is open to the public.

With “Quel che il cielo non mi ha detto”, Amedeo Longo and Sofia Sotto Corona meet for the first time in the common ground of Studio Longo. Together, they look into the air, plunge their thoughts into the deep blue, into the fresh lightness of the heights to talk about something very earthly: pain.
In this exhibition, the trace of a wound that becomes a scar, first opened and then healed, is given back to us in the luminous beauty of a sunny day. A sky in pain is hard to imagine, and the transcendence that this limpid scenario reveals is a promise of utopian healing. The hope of a possible sublimation is realised in a predefined but salvific process, which aims to intercept the inner scars – no longer aerial but incarnating – of the visitors, precisely in order to raise them to a higher plane, where they can be observed with lucid but benevolent detachment.

For Sofia Sotto Corona, the sky under which we live our lives, under which small and great dramas are consumed every day, becomes a palette. The place deputed to the resurgence of this cut, of this pain.

Amedeo Longo, on the other hand, offers an ironic interpretation of this wound, which is shown to vanish like the wake of a plane. An incision in the sky, drawn as if through a scalpel. The compactness of the blue soon recomposes itself, and this painful drawing is soon lost. The sky is not the skin, it has neither its sensitivity nor its memory.

Two stories of catharsis, two encounters that tell of the regenerative powers of the artistic operation, albeit from radically different perspectives.