Torino Social Impact Art Award 2022

Art and social innovation

The award “Torino Social Impact Art Award” offers two young artists living in Italy the opportunity to participate in an artist residency in Turin to create a new work.

The prize, now in its third edition, is aimed at young people with a background in the contemporary art world and whose life and family histories and experiences have led them to experience different cultures in an international context.

Facilitating the professional artistic integration of people with a multicultural and migratory background opens up a diversification of the Italian social fabric. By focusing on multicultural and migratory backgrounds we intend to enhance the cultural diversity of the artist, which may be linked to: his/her origin from Third Countries (nationality), his/her experience of growth and maturity in a foreign country or within a non-European family context (long-term residence/experience in Third Countries or young Italian nationals with parents from Third Countries).


“Torino Social Impact Art Award”, will host the selected artists for a 30-day half-board residency at the hospitality partner Combo, an innovative hospitality concept in the heart of Porta Palazzo in Turin, a historical and multicultural district.

The artists will receive a flat-rate contribution for the production of the work (materials, equipment and other living costs necessary for the video or photographic production such as extras, post-production, etc. are considered included) and for their stay in Turin (meals not covered by half-board and transfers are considered included) amounting in total to 3,000 euros gross of withholding taxes.


The call, whose second edition is entitled “Rebellions and rebirths: the creative potential of confrontation”, is addressed to young artists:

•  living in Italy, with a multicultural and migratory background, recognising the importance of migration in shaping the society of the future; and the society of the future;

•  who attend or have attended the Academy of Fine Arts or Universities in Italy and/or abroad, or who have presented their research and work at festivals, in exhibitions in galleries or in Italian or foreign institutions and who intend to develop their own path starting from contemporary art and who intend to develop their career starting from contemporary art;

•  who are between 21 and 35 years old;

•  who have the possibility to attend the entire residency programme of one month in Italy.

who have the possibility to attend the entire one-month residency programme in Turin (end of June – end of July 2022);
•  who intend to create a work through images (video/photography);

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