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RUFA returns to Dancity Festival

After last year’s great success, RUFA returns to Dancity Festival as part of Anticorpi, the new summer edition of the event.

On 2 June 2022, Dancity M.A.S., the section dedicated to media art and the multiple artistic languages interconnected with contemporary culture, will present the A/V performances realised by the students of the first year of the RUFA Master in Multimedia Arts and Design.

In the splendid setting of Villa Fabri (Trevi, PG), the students will have the opportunity to take part in an event increasingly dedicated to the production and deepening of advanced artistic experimentation, carrying on the spirit of the Cultural Association Dancity, which has always been interested in combining the legacy of the past with the potential of the future. The three projects, presented at the Goethe-Institut on 2 March 2022 on the occasion of the anniversary of the first electronic music concert held in Italy, are inspired by the pieces featured in the historic review organised by Franco Evangelisti, curator of the event.


CONVERSAZIONE ARTICOLATA by Martino Cassanelli, Andrea Cecconi, Karina Sanchez, Federica Silli Bentivoglio, Olimpia Zamò.

Artikulation by G. Ligeti is developed by imitating a conversation: moments of question and answer, low and high voices created through the use of sine waves and pulse generators, recalling liquids and granular materials alternate.
The intention of ‘Conversazione Articolata’ is to establish a conversation between the present and the past. The proposed re-adaptation in fact makes use exclusively of material from Ligeti’s original track.
The image recreates the fluidity of the track through the soft and elastic movement of particles and noise; the subdivisions of the screen constantly dialogue with each other, contaminating each other and creating a succession of cause-effect: a particle chain reaction.

DISTRUZIONI SONORE by Sara Fabretti, Rosalia Giuliano, Simona Lauro, Lucrezia Mariotti, Ada Uygan.

“Distruzioni Sonore” takes up the piece “Klangfiguren II” by G.M. Koenig, giving it a visual interpretation based on the concept of destruction. The action of destroying is analysed from different aspects, finding its instincts in the natural and industrial worlds.
The performance is composed of archive video sequences, whether historical, industrial or documentary, which, mixed in real time with the sound track – suitably modified to achieve a more drone and ambient aesthetic – emphasise the transition from the analogue to the digital world.

RIFLESSI DI FASCE SONORE by Francesca Battaglia, Paola Belviso, Agostino Maria Domanico, Daniele Imani.

“Riflessi Di Fasce Sonore” is an audiovisual project that aims, through the original score of the piece, to extrapolate its data to give life to the original intentions of the work. Through synthesis and manipulation, expansion and dilation of the score, the physical measures of sound are brought into the visual dimension through a synaesthetic operation. The sound aspect echoes the techniques used in the piece, with modulation, granulation and reverberation managed live to respond to visual stimulation. Franco Evangelisti’s voice replaces the sine waves, becoming the raw material of these manipulations.

2 June 2022
Dancity Festival “Antibodies” – Dancity M.A.S.
Via delle Grotte, 2, 06039 Trevi PG

Curator: Daniele Falchi
Artists: Francesca Battaglia, Paola Belviso, Martino Cassanelli, Andrea Cecconi, Agostino Maria Domanico, Sara Fabretti, Rosalia Giuliano, Daniele Imani, Simona Lauro, Lucrezia Mariotti, Karina Sanchez, Federica Silli Bentivoglio, Ada Uygan, Olimpia Zamò.

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