Fine Arts

Pinocchio was a girl

Friday 10 June at 6.30 pm at Curva Pura will inaugurate the new bi-personal exhibition ‘Pinocchio was a girl’ by RUFA students Carola Spina and Alexandra Fongaro, curated by Davide Dormino and with a text by Nicoletta Provenzano.


A refined dialogue between the poetics of the two artists, a florilegium of symbols, a bodily unveiling that is grafted into floristic and iconographic physicalities, into metamorphoses and mystical seductions investigated and transposed into different levels of aesthetic and formal interpretation.

In a plastic and figural investigation, Spina’s and Fongaro’s languages are respectively articulated in a sacral spoliation brought back to the essence, structure and matrix, in a radical and metamorphic union between limbs and vegetal elements that precedes and gives rise to a mythical and mystery tale. The body as lexicon is constituted and manifested in its ritual dimension beyond the cultic sphere, allegory and paradigm, opening up gestures, compositions, attributes and iconological elements to multiple semic perspectives.

In Alexandra Fongaro’s paintings on wood, diairesis of female figurativenesses, in a corporal divinatory pantheon, become floral hybridities and naturalistic cyclicities, corporeal-botanic transmutations of a pagan essence of the sacred. Carola Spina’s sculptural work uncovers, liberates and decodes the simulacral sphere, the authentic mimesis of a female figure with a vast and rich iconography of ancient and ancestral origin, bringing to light the ambiguities, the underlying mechanisms, the primitiveness, the changes, the symbolic references, the zoological associations, beyond rhetorical-theological allegorism. As in a measured propitiatory path, a consummated courtship, rearranged and shifted into a fairy-tale, esoteric, philosophical crossroads, the exhibition “Pinocchio was a girl” decomposes and highlights a formalistic process, re-appropriating and drawing on a primitive root, a coexisting and mutative iconic duality.

Carola Spina (1998) uses sculpture, installation, video and photography. Her research is based on the body and its possible drifts, in an attempt to overcome canons and stereotypes linked to identity.

Alexandra Fongaro, Italian-American (1993), uses painting to explore the world, in which fragments of the body and nature become the vocabulary. Her works manifest themselves in fragments and changes of the figurative world, always in contrast to the void: a space in which she imagines infinite worlds.

With the exhibition ‘Pinocchio was a girl’, Curva Pura continues its mission of supporting young emerging artists, confirming its strong nature in scouting for promising authors with an already broadly structured artistic research.

The exhibition will be open until 22 July, every Thursday from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m. and other days by appointment, by sending an email to