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Swawe – students workshop activities weekend

The second edition of Swawe, the Students Workshop Activities WEekend, kicks off. On 22 and 23 July 2022, the format conceived and organised by the Lazio AIAP student group will animate Anguillara Sabazia, with an event aimed at recreating a co-created and shared sociality around the graphic project and its context.
To meet again, the students of Lazio have chosen a physical space in the province of Rome: it is Spazio Porta del Parco in the town of Anguillara Sabazia, a gateway to the Bracciano and Martignano Regional Park area.
The former slaughterhouse is now managed by a cooperative – of which Fabrizio Crollari from Anguillara, an AIAP member and promoter of the joint venture, is a member – capable in a short time of transforming an abandoned area into a significant place for the history of the community and a vector for cultural and environmental activities.
This is why it was chosen as the basis for the second edition of Swawe: it will be designed and experimented with thanks to the silk-screen printing workshop organised by Milos Zahradka Maiorana’s Multimondo Press, in collaboration with members Francesco Fidani and Elisa Abbadessa. In addition, to chat about ‘freedom and revolution’ there will be a talk by the creators of Edicola518 from Perugia, who will come to Porta del Parco to talk about their experience and their particular selection of independent magazines, artist’s books, anarchist papers, and fanzines. There will be no lack of time for conviviality and playful activities, organised by the students themselves and open to all. The two days will end with a VJ-set curated by Aureliano Capri.


Friday 22 July
10:00am – Visit Anguillara and Lake Bracciano
12:30pm – Lunch at Porta del Parco
2:00pm – Start Screen Printing Workshop
7:00pm – Talk Edicola 518
9:00pm – Dinner at Porta del Parco
10:00pm – Graphic Quiz

Saturday 23 July
10:30am – Frame Engraving by Multimondo Press
1:00pm – Lunch at Porta del Parco
2:30pm – Press Preparation
4:00pm – Poster and shopper printing
8:00pm – Dinner at Porta del Parco
10:00pm – Video projections by Aureliano Capri

*From 11.30pm for Aiap members reserved free entrance to Fidelia Club – Clubbing Evening.

With the support of
RUFA Rome University of Fine Arts
ISIA Rome Design