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Photography and Audiovisual

Young Photographers from Italian Academies

The Academy of Fine Arts of Catania and Ragusa Foto Festival launch the second edition of the Call addressed to Fine Arts Academies, ISIAs, Italian Universities and public and private tertiary institutions, to promote the most innovative research of young authors trained within their courses.

A special jury, composed of leading exponents in the world of visual arts, will decide on the basis of expressive quality and artistic research, the 12 finalist projects and among them the first four classified. Nineteen Italian Photography Institutions responded to the first edition of “Young Photographers from Italian Academies” to nominate the works of their students, fifty-five the projects of young creatives related to the theme of the 2021 edition of Ragusa Foto Festival selected to participate in the competition. All 12 finalist projects will be included in the catalogue Young Photographers from Italian Academies #2 produced by the Academy of Fine Arts of Catania.

For the first four classified works, an exhibition will be set up as part of the exhibitions planned for the year 2022 from 22 October to 20 November in the rooms of Palazzo La Rocca in Ragusa Ibla, a baroque pearl that is a World Heritage Site.


Each Institution – Academy of Fine Arts, ISIA, University Level Photography Course, Institutions for the Promotion of Photography – may participate by selecting participating students (min. 1 – max. 4) with their projects related to the proposed theme.

The Academy of Fine Arts of Catania, under the coordination of lecturer Rosario Antoci, will take care of receiving the projects selected by the individual institutions, which they will send to ypiacall@abacatania.it, by Saturday 9 July 2022.

Low-resolution project files in PDF format may be sent for selection.


At a time of transformation and great difficulty such as the present, for the 2022 edition Ragusa Foto Festival has decided to continue what it started last year on the theme of trust and hope, questioning itself on the theme of harmony, a key concept to face the complexity of the various challenges of the near future.

To celebrate its tenth anniversary, the Festival will welcome projects and visions capable of creatively representing opportunities for meaning and the possibility of reconciliation between society’s many challenges. What we would all like is a concordance of aspirations, feelings and opinions that allows everyone to live ‘in harmony’.
As in music, art, like photography, can express the search for, the desire for harmonious agreement between the parts. Which does not necessarily mean the absence of contrasts or conflicts but keeping an open mind to the common good. Coexistence between peoples, minorities and ethnic groups. The reduction of inequalities through the emancipation of roles and the inclusion of social partners. The coexistence between the pursuit of well-being, the fear of uncertainty, and the uncontrolled rush of technology. The environmental crisis and the increasing unhealthiness of the planet. These are just a few of the overwhelming contemporary emergencies that photography, with its immediacy and accessibility, can help us to look at face to face, fostering opportunities for dialogue, knowledge, deepening, sharing.

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