quanno chiove


Quanno Chiove

“Quanno chiove”, a zero work by director and former RUFA student Mino Capuano, will have its world premiere on 14 July in the “Bimbi belli” festival directed by Nanni Moretti at the Nuovo Cinema Sacher in Rome.

“Quanno chiove”, a work by young director Mino Capuano, born in 1994, will be presented as the only premiere in the “Bimbi belli” event that rewards the best Italian first works directed by Nanni Moretti at the Nuovo Cinema Sacher in Rome’s Trastevere district on 14 July at 9.30 pm.

The film was chosen by Moretti and his selection team, confirming the choice of the Nuovo Cinema Sacher as a platform for launching cinema outside the common market and large-scale distribution and with a long production path. Made between 2016 and 2022 as an independent production, the film tells three stories of relationships centred on the passing of time: Ambriàna, the story of a son who is leaving his father; Appocundrìa, the tale of three distant brothers; Allerìa, the story of a couple who lost each other and find each other again.

The work stems from director Capuano’s need to narrate an atmosphere of sensations, in which the details of small things are mixed with an awareness of time that changes and with it the sensibilities of the characters, their approach to life and their vision of reality. Among the actors in the cast: Gianfranco Gallo, Flavio Furno, Elisabetta De Vito, Gianni Parisi, Gennaro Apicella, Ciro Scalera, Lorenzo Fantastichini, Lucio De Francesco, Autilia Ranieri, Manuel Rulli and Vittorio Viviani.

Mino Capuano

Girolamo (Mino) Capuano was born on 09/02/1994 in Marcianise (CE); he moved to Rome to study Cinema at the Rome University of fine Arts, continuing his studies in directing at the Centro Sperimentale di Cinematografia.
In 2016 he participated as director of photography in the short film “Adavede” selected at the “Settimana Internazionale della Critica di Venezia”. For the same short film, he received the “Best Photography” award at the “Ivelisecine Film Festival”. In 2017 he took part in the “Human Democracy” competition chaired by the international architect Francis Kerè, winning the Sky Arte prize with the documentary “We are the only one”. In 2019 he won the “NOS SOMOS EL FUTURO” call for entries for a short film with a contribution of 20,000 euros from the MiBAC’s General Directorate for Cinema. At the same time he made the short film “Whataretheoddz?” in competition at “Visioni Italiane”. Also in 2019, he films the backstage of Fratelli D’Innocenzo’s “Favolacce”. In 2021, he participates as assistant director in the documentary “L’occhio della gallina” by Antonietta de Lillo. In the same year, he finished shooting the independent film ‘Quanno Chiove’.