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Good Clothes, Fair Pay

RUFA is proud to promote “Good Clothes, Fair Pay”, a campaign calling for minimum wage legislation in the global garment, textile and footwear industry.

Right now, most workers in the textile and clothing sector are not paid enough to meet their basic needs. A decent wage is not a luxury but a basic human right.
Good Clothes Fair Pay is a European Citizens’ Initiative (ECI) to call on the European Commission to introduce legislation requiring brands and retailers in the clothing, textile and footwear sector to conduct specific due diligence in their production chain to ensure that workers receive decent wages.

The scope covers all brands and retailers wishing to operate in the EU, regardless of whether they are based in the EU or elsewhere. They would be required to implement, monitor and publicly disclose a plan with deadlines and targets to close the gap between actual and minimum wage.

How can you participate?

We need to collect 1 million signatures of EU citizens (if you are not, spread the word!) to help us promote legislation to force fashion companies to conduct due diligence on the decent wage. By adding your name, you will help bring vital change to the industry.

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