RUFA for CinemArtist Sardegna

RUFA Cinema students took part in the fifth edition of the Sardinian Festival “CinemArtist”: screenings, masterclasses, meetings with directors and an innovative contest to enhance the territory.

Cinema students Sabrina La Macchia, Anatholij Costanzo, Mario Travaglio and Michele Martino were among the protagonists of the fifth edition of the CinemArtist Contest, which took place from 22 to 28 August in the municipality of Martis and Anglona, Sardinia: an opportunity for comparison and exchange between film professionals and young filmmakers.

During their stay in the Sardinian municipality of Laerru, the students involved were asked to produce an audiovisual work of their choice, which could be either fiction or documentary and had the sole purpose of enhancing the local area. The RUFA students chose to make a fictional short film entitled ‘Prete e Pretendente’ (Priest and Pretender): a pleasant comedy with bittersweet tones that recounts the adventures of a desperate priest, intent on reclaiming his ‘place’ and his peace, disturbed by the presence of a new individual: Mauro, a man capable of granting wishes.

“An integral part of our experience was certainly the inhabitants of the village of Laerru,” says student Sabrina La Macchia, “in particular a small group of little girls who, impressed by the world of cinema, worked with us on the project, becoming real assistants as well as actresses. This was certainly the most rewarding part of the experience: being able to nurture the interest of the little ones, introducing them to a craft and an art usually far from their eyes. That is why, during the evening presentation of the short films, we asked our little assistants to accompany us on stage, as part of the troupe”.

Although a division into teams was envisaged – in addition to the RUFA troupe, a group of students from the Cagliari Academy of Fine Arts and the Sassari Academy of Fine Arts – the Festival was not a competition with final prize-giving, but rather an opportunity to realise incredible teamwork, the fruits of which were screened on the last evening of the Festival. The participants watched feature films and short films by directors such as Alice Murgia, Matteo Fresi and Antonello Grimaldi, and had the opportunity to debate with them immediately after the screenings and take real directing lessons, meeting face to face with professionals.

“Our experience was deeply educational and an excellent opportunity for growth,” Sabrina concludes, “both on a personal and professional level. Once again, we would like to thank the inhabitants of the municipality of Laerru who did their utmost to welcome us with open arms, help us and not let us lack anything.”

CineMartist is a project of the municipality of Martis. The 2022 edition is curated by the Nuovo Circolo del Cinema Ficc in collaboration with the Accademia di Belle Arti di Sassari and the Hypergamma association and is realised thanks to the support of the Regione Autonoma della Sardegna, the Fondazione Sardegna Film Commission, and the Fondazione di Sardegna. Partners in the initiative are the municipalities of Laerru, Nulvi and Perfugas, the University of Cagliari, Rome University of Fine Arts, the Pro Loco di Martis, the Compagnia Barracellare Martis, the Pro Loco Rigorona Association of Laerru, the Simbranos Cooperative Society, the Unione Pro Loco Anglona, and the Gal Anglona Romangia. The project benefits from the inclusion in the communication campaign of the ‘Salude & Trigu’ initiative of the Sassari Chamber of Commerce.