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CabinART Call

Urban Regeneration through Street Art: the way of creativity has no prohibitions.

The public Call “Cabin Art” has been published, aimed at the selection of artistic interventions to be carried out on the exterior surface of no. 6 decommissioned cabins (garrets) of the Local Police Corps of Roma Capitale.
Artists between the ages of 18 and 35 can submit their art installation proposal by noon on Nov. 24.
The Rome City Council committee will evaluate the best projects and give a grant of up to 6,500 euros.

Proposed art projects should be able to promote the following objectives:
– communicative capacity and impact on the territory by contributing to the redevelopment in a cultural and social key, the places and assets of the city;
– enhancing, by becoming an integral part of a place, the relationship with the territory in which they are located while respecting the cultural, historical and artistic heritage;
– express integration and respect for differences;
– enhance issues related to the environment, nature, sustainability.

Projects also should:
– Have the requirement of uniqueness, therefore they should not be produced in multiple copies;
– not consist of the mere reproduction of already existing works, without prejudice to the admissibility of so-called “derivative works,” referred to in Article 4 of Law No. 641/194.
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