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Il cinema e l’illusione di una luce lunare

On Tuesday, Dec. 6 at 6 p.m. RUFA lecturer Raffaele Simongini will present his book, “Cinema and the Illusion of a Moonlight” at the Casa del Cinema, Largo Marcello Mastroianni 1.



Emanuele Cappelli – Direttore Creativo Cappelli Identity Design
Marianna Cappi – Sceneggiatrice
Silvia De Felice – Producer arte Rai Cultura
Tullio Morganti – Sound editor
Moderator: Genny Di Bert, art historian.

The volume: “Il cinema e l’illusione di una luce lunare”

Today more than ever we hear the usual litany repeated: after being badly wounded, first by the television and the remote control, then by the VCR and the DVD, cinema in theaters now agonizes in its dying days, fiercely pummeled by Covid under the indifferent gaze of networked screens. No fear about that: the history of the arts, even in the case of the seventh, repeats itself but under different circumstances. Cinema, once it reached maturity, began to meditate on its status, decline and possible rebirth, provided, however, that it undergoes an inevitable confrontation with technological revolutions and the progress of new media. Taking an interdisciplinary approach between film history and aesthetics, the essay addresses the different ways in which the cinematic experience is activated, and especially the difference between watching a film on streaming and going to the cinema.