“Mammamare” wins a Special Mention at the Extra Doc Festival 2022

A further success for the documentary ‘Mammamare’ – written and directed by RUFA film students Francesca Marra, Giovanni Benedetto Matteucci and Lucrezia Mariotti – which won a Competent Audience Special Mention at the fifth edition of Extra Doc Festival, organised by the Festival del Cinema di Roma in collaboration with MAXXI.
As part of the competition, dedicated to the best expressions of Italian documentary filmmaking, a competent audience of thirty members – made up of young critics and scholars as well as enthusiasts of all ages – selected “Mammamare” and two other feature films, “Il cerchio” by Sophie Chiarello and “Peso morto” by Francesco Del Grosso as worthy entries.

The feature film – produced by RUFA as part of the Audiovisual Documentation Techniques Course held by Professor Christian Angeli – recounts the life of Pietro Ruffo, one of the most appreciated Italian artists of recent years. A sincere and emotional tale, which crosses life and art, where one reveals itself to be influenced by the other.
Francesca del Drago, the artist’s mother, accompanies him on this journey and through a long-distance dialogue transports us into the stories of the past. Just like a castaway, Pietro makes a voyage in search of his way, leading to the creation of one of his most recent works: ‘Migrante’, exhibited in Rome in the Parco dei Daini at Villa Borghese. A further milestone for a project that started at RUFA and continues to bring incredible satisfaction to the whole crew.


Direction: Francesca Marra, Giovanni Benedetto Matteucci
Screenwriting: Lucrezia Mariotti, Francesca Marra, Giovanni Benedetto Matteucci
Cinematographer: Roberto Frascella
Editing: Giovanni Benedetto Matteucci
Sound technician: Lucrezia Mariotti
Second operator:Nicole Turi
General organisation: Mario Pannarale
Runner: Emanuele Igbinomwanhia
Thanks to: Pietro Ruffo, Francesca Del Drago, Francesco Ruffo, Benedetta Nervi, Christian Angeli