Fine Arts

Sculpture and Installations


Signs, wheels and windshields in the space of the KH Laboratory. ‘Interruption’ is an unusual exhibition: an anomalous road route in an exhibition interior.

Within the KH-PLUS exhibition section, the sculptor and RUFA lecturer Emiliano Coletta presents Amedeo Longo, a young multifaceted artist and student of Sculpture at RUFA: two artists who enter into dialogue borrowing the essence of the routes from the city, art becomes of the street and on the street.

Coletta’s works, sometimes flashing with civic protest, intersect with Longo’s playful and less explicit, often veiled works, thus creating an exhibition that interrupts the usual flow and generates reflections. Two researches with an apparently different destination meet at a common crossroads, sharing the medium. Emiliano Coletta and Amedeo Longo present a series of works, created and found, always walking on the brink of the ready-made, rendering a paradoxical vision of the modern city, in a lively and ironic manner.

Laboratorio KH is an anonymous collective with a variable formation, although there are rarely founders. It is to be considered a container of thought, consisting of a blog, notes called notebooks, exhibition projects (both in-house and external) and experimental projects only online. It is not to be thought of as a pyramid with a vertex, nor as a round table, it is rather a hemisphere. As in the vision of a work by Cezanne, a focal centre appears, but as we sweep our eyes around it, we see how each part wishes to show itself, render itself and present itself in its best possible visibility, in order to be better understood. Not a direction but a plan to which to belong
The workshop proposes itself as a creative project that investigates (and proposes) the (a) new art scene, as a real place of investigation and dialogue.

Critical text by Beatrice Levorato.

Opening: 25 January
Ore 5:00 pm – 8:00 pm
Via Flaminia, 26
Curated by Laboratorio KH