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MATTADOR International Screenwriting Award

The 14th MATTADOR International Screenplay Award dedicated to Matteo Caenazzo and aimed at young Italian and foreign authors aged between 16 and 30 has opened.

The Award, conceived and promoted by the MATTADOR Cultural Association, was created with the intention of bringing out and enhancing new talents who choose to approach a professional and artistic path in the field of film writing.

The four sections and their prizes for the 2022/2023 competition are:
● MATTADOR Award for best screenplay: 5.000 euro.
● MATTADOR Award for best story: 1.500 euro.
● MATTADOR SERIES Award for best TV series project: 1.000 euro.
● DOLLY Award Screenwriting with pictures for best story portrayed through pictures. The winner, who is awarded a training grant, is accompanied by professional tutors on a story development path, with the elaboration of a complete dossier for the presentation of a film or animation project. At the end of the training course, an additional prize of EUR 1,000 may be awarded depending on the result of the training.

Information on the DOLLY section is available at the link Dolly
The DOLLY 2022/2023 regulation is available at DOLLY 2023 Regulation
The MATTADOR 2022/2023 regulation is available at MATTADOR 2023 Regulation
Delivery of works: from 15 February to 15 April 2023 through the platform MATTADOR award entry


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