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Fine Arts

Masterclass with Marina Marković: CORPOREALITY

From 24 to 27 May 2023, Visual and Fine Arts students will take part in the Masterclass ‘Corporeality’, held by Serbian visual artist Marina Marković.

The masterclass CORPOREALITY questions power positions within the art world and analyzes the concept of control in society.
Pleasure and pain are the primary properties of the body, its main assets that society exploits in the search for measurability, quantification, and control of individuals and human experiences in general.
Starting point is Marina Markovićs thesis manifesto _There is no reality besides corporeality since the female body is a threshold where nature and science confront culture and politics_(Marija Ratković), followed by an exploration of the notions of pleasure and enjoyment (jouissance) within the life and body of a woman. This broad discursive field empowers students to explore the specter of their close, intimate, subconscious, and hence invisible biopolitical coercions. Through relationships of close but socially opposed concepts, the masterclass will offer artistic discussion on disparate forms of subordination and domination.
The art education, assignments, and the masterclass itself – etymologically suggests power relation to the master. In an artistic practice as a form of corporealism, the masterclass is open to the nonbinary, posthuman, and cyborg notions of bodies, bodily experiences, and all the Other forms of embodiment.


About Marina Marković

Marina Marković focuses on body and embodiment as the central motives of her artistic practice.
Her performative art in media of drawing, video art, and performance spans from dealing with personal experiences to the complex social questions related to the woman’s body. Living with anorexia in early adolescence has determined the direction of her artistic action toward body politics, (de)construction of gender and sexuality, the economy of power, and – unveiled a network of power relations in which the issues of coercion and free will have become inextricably interwoven.
Marina Marković sees Lacanian jouissance (enjoyment beyond the pleasure principle) as inseparable from the concepts of control, restriction, rejection, punishment, alienation, (dis)obedience, but also different forms of social reward. Her artistic practice tries to unveil various socio-political mechanisms of pressure, that is, the biopolitical imperative imposed on women by the heteropatriarchy, pointing to the extent to which the issues of freedom and coercion for a woman (as for the Other) are inseparable.


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