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The docufilm “Oltre il mare” at the Giffoni Film Festival

The docufilm “Oltre il mare”, written and directed by fresh RUFA graduates on behalf of WALCE Onlus and Sanofi, will be screened at the prestigious Giffoni Film Festival on 28 July 2023.

The docufilm, produced by RUFA and signed by WALCE Onlus and Sanofi, tells the hidden face of lung cancer through authentic and emotional life stories, those of Aldo, Roberto and Carlotta, which show us the deepest and most intimate aspects of those who have to face this pathology.
The project was entirely written, directed and realised by a team of RUFA graduates, with the artistic supervision of lecturers Christian Angeli and Alessandro Marinelli.

The team behind the project:

Giusy Alfieri – Director
Giorgio Leopardi – Director
Elena Grasso – Photography Director
Alessandro Cuccia – Machine operator
Federico Assenza – Editor
Anna Carrubba – Production
Giulia De Cesare – Production

The screening within the Giffoni Film Festival will be followed by a moment of debate and discussion between the audience and co-director Giusy Alfieri, Fulvia Filippini, Public Affairs Country Head Sanofi, and Stefania Vallone, Secretariat and International Relations Walce Onlus.


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