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Alain Parroni and Gabriele Biasi at the 80th Venice International Film Festival

The works of the two directors and former RUFA students Alain Parroni and Gabriele Biasi have been selected to participate in the 80th Venice International Film Festival.

“Una sterminata domenica”, the feature film by Alain Parroni, will be presented in competition in the “Orizzonti” section. Among the authors of the screenplay is Giulio Pennacchi, a former RUFA student, who co-wrote the work with Alain Parroni and Beatrice Puccilli. The cast is made up of Enrico Bassetti, Zackari Delmas, Federica Valentini, Lars Rudolph. An Italy/Germany co-production: Fandango, Alcor, Art me pictures, Road Movies con Rai Cinema.

Brenda is pregnant. Alex has just turned 19 and is about to become a father. Kevin fills the city with his name. Each tries to make his or her own mark on the world. Always connected, they buzz between the coastal countryside and the eternal city, trying to resist in their own way the inexorable advance of time and heat…

“My generation – explains the director – is a question of language. Telling your own reality in 2023 is a tender and overbearing act that implies facing the deep ambiguities, stereotypes and contradictions of the media society you have grown up in. If you live in the countryside, 30 km from one of the oldest cities in the world, you are still inundated with Hollywood films, Japanese pop and anime, mass photography, as well as films by unknown authors, downloaded from remote servers and roughly subtitled. Alex, Brenda and Kevin are nothing more than a worried teenager’s dream, falling asleep with smartphone in hand in front of the TV turned up loud.

Among the directors attending the 80th Venice International Film Festival is former student Gabriele Biasi, in competition with his short film “La Linea del Terminatore” in the independent section of the 38th International Film Critics’ Week.
Building on his experience as a documentary filmmaker, Biasi brings to the competition a genre that has already given him several awards, such as his participation in the XXVIII edition of Visioni Italiane in Bologna with the work Le Crisalidi.
“La Linea del Terminatore”, shot in Tuscany between the provinces of Arezzo and Grosseto on super8 film, is a documentary that hybridises reality and fiction, in which the director interweaves the story of actress Fernanda Gonzales’ escape from Buenos Aires to Italy with archive footage of space exploration, focusing on the emotional journey of the protagonist is forced to come to terms with her sense of guilt for leaving her loved ones behind.

Directors’ biographies

Alain Parroni, was born on 14 February, 1992 in the Roman countryside. Graduated in Cinema at RUFA.
Eighteen years old, he co-directed an episode of Leonardo Carrano’s Aeterna, exhibiting with him at MAXXI in Rome. In 2017, his short film Adavede was presented at the 32. Settimana Internazionale della Critica, subsequently gaining worldwide recognition. From 2018, he starts developing his debut feature in the context of the Torino Film Lab. In 2023, he won the Solinas Experimenta Serie award while working as a photographer with some of Italy’s most important directors.

Gabriele Biasi was born in 1994. After graduating in Cinema at RUFA he released his first documentary Le Crisalidi; his second work is the experimental documentary “AI ORACLE: Lithium”, funded by Goethe Institut Australia and Collective no:topia conceived as a continuation of the art installation AI ORACLE; the work was screened at PhEST – See Beyond The Sea (Italy). He started the development of his first feature film, Alex, I am nothing, a project selected at In Progress MFN 2023, which will be presented this year in Venice during the Milano Industry Days – MID by MFN #1, in the context of Venice Days, also in the 80th Venice International Film Festival.