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Alain Parroni, Gabriele Biasi and Giulio Pennacchi triumph at the 80th Venice International Film Festival

Una sterminata domenica” by Alain Parroni, director and RUFA graduate, wins the Special Jury Prize Orizzonti at the 80th Venice International Film Festival.
A story of young people, an unconventional novel of formation, set between Rome and the coast. This is how Alberto Barbera, director of the Mostra Internazionale d’Arte Cinemantografica, presented the film at a press conference: “Parroni makes the courageous choice of abandoning traditional narrative models to tell a story of nihilism and rebellion in the extreme Roman periphery. The film is an almost purely sensorial, visual and musical experience that aspires to become the manifesto of a lost generation”.
Among the authors of the screenplay Giulio Pennacchi, also a RUFA graduate, who co-wrote the opera with Alain Parroni and Beatrice Puccilli. The cast includes Enrico Bassetti, Zackari Delmas, Federica Valentini, Lars Rudolph. An Italy/Germany co-production: Fandango, Alcor, Art me pictures, Road Movies with Rai Cinema. The feature film will be in Italian cinemas from 14 September.

Among the excellences that distinguished themselves at the Festival was the director Gabriele Biasi, who with the short film “La Linea del Terminatore” won the prestigious Best Director award at the Settimana Internazionale della Critica, the independent section of the Venice Film Festival.
“For the formal research with which the author realises a work in which the selection of archive material, public and private, juxtaposing spiritual and emotional preparation – journeys far away and within oneself – conveys a coherent and poetic vision of a refined cinema, above all human”. This is the motivation with which the jury awarded the prize to the short film, starring Argentinean actress Fernanda Gonzalez, whose 15-minute monologue accompanies the spectator on an introspective journey that passes from the actress’s personal dimension to the collective dimension of those watching and listening.
Produced by Materiali Sonori Cinema and Hubris Pictures, distributed by Gargantua, the journey – not only the metaphorical one – of this film continues across the Channel: “the Terminator’s Line” has in fact been admitted in competition at the 29th Encounters Film Festival to be held from 27 September to 1 October in Bristol in the United Kingdom; an experience valid as a qualifying selection for Oscar, EFA, Bafta and Canadian Screen Awards.

Directors’ biographies

Alain Parroni, was born on 14 February, 1992 in the Roman countryside. Graduated in Cinema at RUFA.
Eighteen years old, he co-directed an episode of Leonardo Carrano’s Aeterna, exhibiting with him at MAXXI in Rome. In 2017, his short film Adavede was presented at the 32. Settimana Internazionale della Critica, subsequently gaining worldwide recognition. From 2018, he starts developing his debut feature in the context of the Torino Film Lab. In 2023, he won the Solinas Experimenta Serie award while working as a photographer with some of Italy’s most important directors.

Gabriele Biasi was born in 1994. After graduating in Cinema at RUFA he released his first documentary Le Crisalidi; his second work is the experimental documentary “AI ORACLE: Lithium”, funded by Goethe Institut Australia and Collective no:topia conceived as a continuation of the art installation AI ORACLE; the work was screened at PhEST – See Beyond The Sea (Italy). He started the development of his first feature film, Alex, I am nothing, a project selected at In Progress MFN 2023, which will be presented this year in Venice during the Milano Industry Days – MID by MFN #1, in the context of Venice Days, also in the 80th Venice International Film Festival.