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RUFA X Villa Ada Festival 2023

RUFA announces a new collaboration with Villa Ada Festival 2023, the event in which music, art, sport and contemporary cuisine coexist, with the precise aim of introducing the youngest people to one of Italy’s most evocative natural and performing settings. The partnership consists of three unmissable appointments featuring some teachers and creatives who have been active in the RUFA community for years. Here is the calendar:

Saturday, 16 September from 6 p.m. – Free Entry

Illustrator and RUFA lecturer, Emilio Lecce will draw live his new illustration; there will be an exhibition of his work and a signacopy of “CromoRoma” will follow.
From 10.30pm: Live drawing with RUFA students from GD-Comics and Illustration: Giulia D’Andrea, Gaia Spagnoli, Annalisa Borgo.
Simultaneously: DJ Set by DJ DIBBA
ritratto emilio lecce

Monday 18 September at 19:00 – Free Entry

Presentation of the book “Registi disobbedienti” by Andrés Rafael Zabala. With Christian Angeli, Alessandro Carpentieri e Alfredo Catalfo – publisher Efesto Edizioni.

We will talk about film language and how greater freedom of expression can enhance the filmic work. Is it possible to do the famous ‘field crossing’? What happens when it is done? If the scene lighting suddenly changes – due to a lack of ‘photographic continuity’ – does the scene really get worse, or could it get better?
What if the sets of a film are not believable – will we continue to see it? Chaplin, Hitchcock, Kubrick, Sodenbergh, von Trier and many others will be discussed.
Department by department, disobedience in cinema and art in the broadest sense of the term will be discussed.


Tuesday 26 September at 18:00 – Free Entry


What is an image? Art history, aesthetics, media studies, anthropology, philosophy, psychoanalysis provide answers within their respective disciplines, but it is since the 1920s that visual culture has been taking an increasingly organic approach to the subject of images, starting from a reflection on the impact that photography and cinema were having on the culture of the time. A series of factors determine the meaning of images, technological, media, social and political factors, and it is precisely the cultural dimension of those who produce images, those who observe them and the devices that transmit them that redefine the field of the visible. We are therefore faced not only with a new history of images, but also with a history of the way of seeing them, hence the flourishing of cultural studies, feminist studies, postcolonial studies, which investigate the forms of power and domination concealed in visual representations.

Maya Vetri
Councillor for Cultural Policies, Interculture, Gender, Memory, Common Goods, Participation. Rome City Hall VIII.

“Visual culture and the status of images”
Enrico Parisio
RUFA lecturer in graphic design

“The dawn experience”
Sara Pollice
Writer, educator, anti-violence worker at BEFREE, social cooperative against trafficking, violence and discrimination

Admission is free, we look forward to seeing you!!


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