Presentation of the game SanLo Defence

On Wednesday, 7 February at 10 a.m., at Aula A, Vetrerie Sciarra Roma Sapienza, via dei Volsci 122 – Rome, the presentation of the videogame set in the San Lorenzo district will be held, the closing act of the DTC call of the Lazio Region that saw RUFA participate in the project together with Roma Sapienza and the University of Tuscia.

The ‘San Lorenzo Defence’ project, more commonly referred to by the appellation SANLO, wants to represent an action of urban and social regeneration. In the name of territorial identity, innovation and contemporaneity, it aims to explore the languages of new generations, ready to interface with the neighbourhood in an open and direct manner.
It is an experience destined to become an operational model in other areas of the city and especially in other urban realities. And this is exactly the subject of the research initiated by the institutions and companies that have joined the plan.

On 14 May 2021, the Ministry of Culture, led by Dario Franceschini, included video games in the list of Italian cultural heritage, preparing the issuance of a special implementing decree regulating the so-called ‘Tax Credit’, recognising tax credits of up to 25 per cent.
Video games, the decree states, ‘are the fruit of creative genius and it is only right that, similarly to what happens with cinema and audiovisuals, they should receive support if recognised as works of particular cultural value’..

The ‘San Lorenzo Defence’ project is based on the actions generated by gamification to stimulate and develop a new attractiveness of the San Lorenzo district and to disseminate knowledge of 25 cultural venues in the district to an ever-widening public, encouraging access and visits.
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