Visit Italy with Movies Training

The online course Visit Italy With Movies Training is now available: a digital project by Minerva Pictures in collaboration with RUFA to promote the internationalisation of Italy’s image through cinema and audiovisuals.

The online course Visit Italy With Movies VIWM Training is finally accessible.
The initiative promotes the training of skills related to the production, distribution and promotion of cinematographic works through Italian audiovisual productions. The course contributes to the development of emerging professions in the audiovisual industry such as the Showrunner, the Organiser and the Location Manager, active in both Italian and foreign projects.

Thanks to the VIWM Training platform, a free version of the Visit Italy with Movies platform developed specifically for universities interested in joining the training course, teachers and students have at their disposal a starting catalogue of around 200 titles, which can be screened for the training activities, and a self-paced online course to understand the importance of Italian cinema abroad and its role in the international film context through case studies, interviews with experts in the sector, clips and entire films that can be viewed in streaming, and exercises at various levels to transform theory into practice.
The course was created by Prof. Francesco Pennica, director of photography, director and producer of films, documentaries, video clips, series and television programmes made in Italy and abroad.

You can now access the course by registering on the site