wax-built castles

Fine Arts

Performance: “Wax-Built Castles” by Chantal Spapens

“Wax-Built Castles’ is the title of the new performance that artist Chantal Spapens will hold on Saturday 4 May at 8pm in Ombrelloni Art Space in Via dei Lucani 18, San Lorenzo, Rome. Curated by Vittorio Venturoli and Victoria Froberg.

“How am I to protect my wax-built castles of love from the devouring heat of your fires?”

The performance speaks of love in a patriarchal, capitalist society and is part of the artist’s ongoing research on the politics of emotional life.
Chantal Spapens, a French/Dutch visual artist, channels her creative expression through performance and sculpture/installation.
She is currently pursuing her MFA in Fine Arts at RUFA.
Chantal’s artistic narrative unfolds at the intersection of personal experience and societal inquiries, exploring the multifaceted nature of womanhood within the backdrop of a contemporary, capitalist, patriarchal society. Her body of work intricately weaves themes of female agency, body politics, and power relations, delving into the complex layers that define the feminine experience. Through a nuanced lens, Chantal invites viewers to contemplate and engage with the intricate dance between individual stories and broader societal questions in her quest to unravel the essence of womanhood in the contemporary world.

The performance will take place Saturday 4 May at 8pm.
Location: Ombrelloni Art Space Via dei Lucani 18, San Lorenzo, Rome.


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