RUFA present at the 2024 edition of EWIC

RUFA was present at the latest edition of the EWIC Neuroscience Congress 2024, which was held a few days ago in Naples.
The research titled Exploring Object Visualization Abilities in Artistic Domains, curated among others by psychologist and psychotherapist Renè Angeramo, head of the Orientation department at RUFA, was presented and discussed, receiving particular appreciation from the scholars present.

“The research work,” explains Angeramo, “which involves us with researchers from La Sapienza University of Rome, the National University of Singapore, and Harvard Medical School, was presented at the prestigious international congress EWIC – European Workshop on Imagery and Cognition. This event represents an important milestone for RUFA, marking the first publication for our research team.

I am a co-author of the presentation, along with other esteemed researchers from world-renowned universities. The study focuses on the visualization abilities of objects in different artistic domains, examining how these skills influence and are influenced by various artistic specializations. This study offers new insights into the interaction between art and neuroscience, with significant implications for art education and professional practice. In the coming weeks, an international paper will be produced, and the results will be used to structure a guidance path aimed at providing consultancy services based on the real aptitudes and potential of students interested in pursuing a course of study with RUFA. RUFA’s participation in EWIC 2024 not only highlights the importance of interdisciplinary research but also offers a unique opportunity for international visibility and collaboration to be treasured.”
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