“Non Riattaccare” in cinemas throughout Italy

On Thursday, July 11th, the premiere of the film “Non Riattaccare” will be held at Cinema Adriano in Rome, featuring the director, screenwriter, and RUFA professor Manfredi Lucibello, the lead actors Barbara Ronchi and Claudio Santamaria, and producers Manetti Bros and Pier Giorgio Bellocchio.

The event is on Thursday, July 11th at Cinema Adriano at 9:30 PM in Piazza Cavour, 22. Tickets are available at a special price of 3.50 euros.
đź“ž “Non Riattaccare” by Manfredi Lucibello, starring Barbara Ronchi and Claudio Santamaria with music by Motta, is in cinemas and summer arenas throughout Italy from July 11th, distributed by IWonder.
One night. One journey. One phone. One life to save.
In the silence of an anonymous night, Irene’s phone rings. It’s Pietro, her ex. Irene hasn’t heard from him in months since their relationship ended. She hesitates, but eventually answers. Pietro is out of control, and his confused words suggest a desperate act. Irene has no choice but to set out on a journey through a ghostly city, never hanging up, hoping to reach him in time.

MANFREDI LUCIBELLO – Director, screenwriter, and RUFA professor

Born in Florence in 1984. In 2010, he wrote and directed the short film Storia di Nessuno, for which he received numerous international awards.
From 2011 to 2013, he wrote and directed the documentary film Centoquaranta – La strage dimenticata, about the Moby Prince disaster, premiered at the 54th Festival dei Popoli, winning the 32nd Bellaria Film Festival and the Silver Lily at the 65th Cinema Fedic. It was a finalist at the 20th edition of the Ilaria Alpi Award, then aired in prime time on LA7. In 2018, he wrote and directed his first feature film, Tutte le mie notti, produced by Mompracem with Rai Cinema, premiered at Alice nella cittĂ  during the 13th Rome Film Fest. The film was released in theaters in March 2019 and received several awards, including the Nastro d’Argento to Benedetta Porcaroli as a revelation actress. In 2022, he wrote and directed the documentary Bice Lazzari – Il ritmo e l’ossessione, premiered at the 17th Rome Film Fest, produced by Mompracem in collaboration with Sky Arte.
“Non Riattaccare,” his second feature film, premiered in the international competition at the 41st Torino Film Festival.

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The opening of Alessandra Montrucchio’s novel “Non Riattaccare”, from which the film is freely adapted, struck me. In those pages, I saw an opportunity to continue my personal exploration of noir, creating an essential film (something you can’t do without) from its core elements: a person, a voice, and a car. I also saw another opportunity: in the novel, the protagonists have no names or pasts. I sought them out by delving into my experiences, emotions, and fears. Thus, Irene and Pietro were born.
The film tells their story during a journey with the pedal to the metal. We viewers live every moment: there are no ellipses or time jumps. There are no stops. We are always with Irene, who is present from the first to the last shot. We are with Irene as she invents stratagems to keep Pietro from hanging up. We follow her desperate and heroic actions. We are with her when the unspeakable surfaces, relentlessly forcing the protagonists to confront their ghosts. In this race against time, as Irene’s car covers miles, we witness a journey that is not only physical but also inner, dreamlike, cathartic. And it’s at this moment that the twist occurs. Within Irene’s race, camouflaged by the road’s dangers, is the tale of a great love story.
Truffaut was right: within every great love story, there is always a thriller!
Manfredi Lucibello