Arte cinematografica

Music Meets Film Arts

Music Meets Film Arts, a creative encounter between RUFA and Saint Louis.
The project stems from the collaboration between RUFA students from the Master’s course in Film Arts and students from the Jazz and Pop academic courses at the Saint Louis College of Music.
Guided by a shared passion for visual and musical arts, students from the two AFAM Institutes worked closely together to create three explosive music videos.

The project, conceived as a monographic part of the Cinematography 2 course taught by Francesco Pennica and aimed at second-year Film Arts students (Languages and techniques of the music video from the eighties to today), allowed students to explore the languages and techniques of the music video, a hybrid and transversal genre that emerged in the early eighties with MTV and whose golden age ended with the advent of the internet, but still represents a fertile ground for exploring the intersection of music and cinema arts.

The aim of the project, involving students from both Institutes through the production of three music videos, is to stimulate the creative exchange of young filmmakers and musicians, promoting teamwork within curricular activities and with an interdisciplinary spirit.
RUFA students analyzed the musical pieces sent by the students of the Saint Louis College of Music, belonging to three distinct genres: Jazz, Electro-Pop, and Rock. Divided into three groups, each working on a piece, the students tackled the various phases of the project together with enthusiasm and dedication.

The project phases included the analysis of the language and storytelling techniques in music videos, listening to and analyzing the submitted pieces, developing creative proposals, pre-production with the definition of locations, cast, and costumes, shooting, editing, and post-production.

The participation of Italian and international students brought a variety of cultural perspectives, further enriching the collaborative aspect of the project. The phases of music video production were coordinated by RUFA teacher Francesco Pennica, with the support of Film Arts students, in collaboration with the Saint Louis Music Production team led by Alessandro Peana for the Saint Louis College of Music.

The three teams that collaborated on the three videoclips:


1st Group | Videoclip for “SISTER SADIE”

Musica: URBAN QUARTET (Gianluca Robustelli alla chitarra, Giuseppe Sacchi al pianoforte, Vincenzo Quirico al contrabbasso e Federico Balestra alla batteria)
Director: Nathalia Caramel Rocha
Producer: Martina Maria Sergi
DOP: Regina Del Gaudio

Camera Operator: William Dalenson
Editing: Nathalia Caramel Rocha
Color: Eleonora Tanzi
BTS: Baldassare Caradonna, Sofiya Arpaci
BTS Editor: Debraj Mucherjee

The official video clip of SISTER SADIE will be available from 23 July at 12 noon: SAVE THE DATE!

Watch the backstage video for the song SISTER SADIE by Urban Quartet


2° Group | Videoclip for LUI È QUI

Music: NAPSTAMIND (Michelangelo Rupolo voce batteria, Michele Cipollini chitarra e voce, Lorenzo Colombo basso e voce)
Director: Guibert Najarian
Assistant Director: Tracy Bou Farah
Producer: Valentina Bolado
Assistant Production: Tracy Bou Farah
Writer: Valentina Bolado
Assistant Writer: Tracy Bou Farah
Cinematographer: Ana Clara Bob
First AC: Nicolo Piccioni
Gaffer: Chiara De Benedetti, Marta Fiore
Second AC: Elena Cavazzini
Camera Operators: Matteo Angelini, Ana Clara Bob
Makeup/Hair/Wardrobe: Valentina Bolado
DIT: Tracy Bou Farah
Editor: Guibert Najarian
Assistant Editor: Tracy Bou Farah
Colorist: Ana Clara Bob
Location Scouting: Matteo Angelini , Ana Clara Bob
BTS Photographers: Francesca Barucca, Daniel Grachev
BTS Videographer: Baldassarre Caradonna
BTS Editors: Vasilissa Mrochko, Liza Tabagari, Martino Tamborski
Cast: Francesca Manari, Francesco Are, Leon Ribotta

The official video clip of LUI È QUI will be available from 20 September at 12 noon: SAVE THE DATE!

Watch the backstage video for the song LUI È QUI by Napstamind


3° Group | Videoclip for FERRO LIQUIDO

Music: CLAUDIO CLEMENTI (Claudio Clementi voice and guitar, Livio Salvatelli drums, Fabio Balestrieri production)
Director: Leonardo Cappellani
Producer: Francesco Are
Director of photography: Anastasia Pestroiu
Art director: Silvia Baldo
Dancers: Alessandro Rella, Olimpia Bonvecchio
Choreographer: Silvia Baldo
1st AD: Giorgia Cadei
2nd AD: Marta Fiore
1st camera operator: Carlo Stanghellini
2nd camera operator: Baldassare Caradonna
AC 1st camera: Marco Baratta
AC 2nd camera: Elena Cavazzini
Chief Gaffer: Domenico Abascià
Gaffer: Daniel Grachev
BTS: Greg Bateson
BTS Editors: Stefan Petronijevic, Marta Vaselli, Beyza Korkut
Additional bts: Daniel Grachev
Editor: Leonardo Cappellani
Assistant editor: Giorgia Cadei
Colorist: Leonardo Cappellani
Studio: core_creativestudio

Watch the official videoclip of FERRO LIQUIDO

Watch the backstage video for the single FERRO LIQUIDO by Claudio Clementi


The music videos will be published on this page and on RUFA social media channels in July and September 2024. Stay Tuned.