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RUFA and Responsible Fashion Movement against Fast Fashion

RUFA and Movimento Moda Responsabile, together for an awareness campaign against Fast Fashion

To understand how advertising communication can help promote more sustainable fashion, RUFA students from the Graphic Design course – worked on a creative campaign drawing attention to the main environmental and social issues related to fast fashion, in collaboration with experts from Movimento Moda Responsabile and the non-profit association rén collective. A joint activity stemming from the teaching activities conducted by RUFA teachersClaudio Spuri and Alessandra Giacomelli, to enable students to reflect and take a stand on real issues, strongly connected to the contemporary world.

In particular, the Graphic Design students dedicated themselves to the conception of a campaign to emphasise the value of responsible fashion and more conscious consumption. The project led to the development of four different creative concepts, designed for multi-channel dissemination, which push the reader to think about the climate, ethical and pollution consequences of so-called fast fashion.

The final work will be presented during the Fashion Revolution Week, scheduled in Milan from 15 to 24 April 2024. The themes that animate the four advertising campaigns are introduced by the claims: Problema? Soluzione by Lisa Romanato and Agnese Troncone; I nostri ricordi, by Claudia Fracassi and Gianmario Palombo; Ricuciamo il mondo by Gabriele Boccini and Raffaele Iannone; Fast fashion, Fast Ending by Carolina Autili, Ilaria Bucci and Elisa Drosi. Each project, with posts written by the students, will be shared on the social channels of RUFA, MMR and rén collective, and it will be possible to learn more about each campaign on the institutional websites of the organisations involved.

The campaigns carried out have the dual objective of informing people about both the problems of fast fashion and ‘compulsive’ consumption, and the possibility of creating an alternative fashion, linked to more sustainable practices along the entire clothing production and sales chain. The intention, therefore, was to generate a campaign to disseminate and support consumers, to help them change their purchasing patterns.

«The world of fashion and clothing – explain the students who made it to the final selection – has now manifested the violent and destructive aspects of which it is both victim and accomplice: uncontrolled overproduction, rock-bottom prices, exploitation of workers, poor raw materials and environmental pollution. Many brands continue to turn a blind eye, others, however, have decided to change their corporate policy, integrating sustainable practices into the production chain. Today, therefore, dressing is no longer just a question of form and belonging. It means building a road that leads everyone to greater knowledge and awareness, to build a fairer and healthier market, both for us and for the environment of which we are part.

«One of our goals is to work with educational institutions to initiate education and awareness-raising activities on the need to make the fashion industry more sustainable, transparent and low-impact, for society and the environment – explain Responsible Fashion Movement and rén collective, MMR member – . We are delighted to have collaborated with RUFA students and teachers to create an original and impactful communication campaign that shares the key themes of our Manifesto. To transform the world of fashion for the better, it is essential to involve the new generations and draw on their creativity to develop innovative projects that can give rise to concrete actionse».

The campaigns developed by the students will be published in the coming days – during the Fashion Revolution week from 15 to 24 April 2024 – on the social channels of the companies involved. Follow the pages to stay up-to-date.

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