Artista - Alain Parroni

Alain Parroni

Class of: 1992
Nationality: Italiana | Italian
Degree course: Cinema

Alain Parroni, in 2015 with “THERE’S ONLY A MOMENT” wins the favour of Stefan Segmaister in the framework of the RUFA Contest, gaining a meeting in New York with the guru of Grapich Design. The same year he co-founded the production company THREEAB, born inside the classrooms of the academy. His graduation short film “ADAVEDE” is screened at the 74th Venice International Film Festival and receives numerous awards around the world. In the same year, he curated the Backstage of “NICO, 1988” by Susanna Nicchiarelli and worked as Street Casting for the film “LORO” by Paolo Sorrentino, while in November he exhibited at the museum of contemporary art MAXXI as part of the exhibition “DOPPIO SCHERMO”. Currently, after having directed the behind-the-scenes documentaries for the films “PINOCCHIO” by Matteo Garrone; “FAVOLACCE” by the D’Innocenzo Brothers; and “MISS MARX” by Susanna Nicchiarelli, he is developing his first feature film in the prestigious context of the TORINO FILM LAB.



Adavede, by Alain Parroni, director and screenwriter who graduated in Cinema in RUFA, won the Grand Prix as Best European Short Film at the 17th Edition of the European Competition at UFCTC 2017 in Nice. After participating in the Venice Film Festival during Critics’ Week, the success of Adavede, a short film made by a team of RUFA alumni, continued to spread throughout Europe. This was confirmed by the award received in Nice and the participation in numerous international festivals, including Alice in the City, a section of the Rome Film Festival, the ZINEBI Festival in Bilbao and the Detour On The Road Film Festival in Rome.

“Adavede”is a raw, romantic tale. While walking in the woods, Clara, a disenchanted girl from the Roman suburbs, comes across a deer. Hoping to capture that enchanting image, the young woman points her phone at the animal, but the phone goes off, leaving her with only doubt and a beautiful memory. Thus begins a day-long journey marked by encounters with various characters, a journey that becomes a quest within a corrupted memory.

The subject is set in the capital, a city to which Parroni is very attached, and in particular in the Roman suburbs, a context in which he often finds inspiration to bring out his poetics so authentic, tormented and deep and to express a very realistic mood through the construction of emotionally fragile and problematic characters.