Artista _ Annalisa Welzhofer

Annalisa Welzhofer

Class of: 1983
Nationality: Italo-Tedesca | Italian-German
Degree course: Scultura e installazione | Sculputure and Installations

Annalisa Welzhofer was born in Munich. Her artistic career began with contemporary dance. She continued her inner research, which led her to enrol in the sculpture course at the RUFA Academy in Rome in 2020. Here she discovers how new artistic languages can give expression to her creativity and personality. The workshop with Maestro Fulvio Merolli gave rise to her passion for working with marble. She exhibited her work, the fruit of this encounter, at the Arteporto/Fuori Confine Contemporary Art Exhibition, 3rd Edition 2021.

My research focuses on the perception of the senses, corporeity and the physicality of matter. The dynamic but also static movement of dance and its music accompany my works.

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