Artista - Beatrice Lunari

Beatrice Lunari

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Nationality: Italiana | Italian
Degree course: Design

I’m Beatrice Lunari, 26yo, and I’m a User Experience and Service Designer. I currently work for Competence & Digital in Milan where I collaborate with a team of skilled experts. I got the bachelor degree in Product & Interior Design at RUFA, in Rome, later working for an architecture firm and a Lighting Design Company. In 2018, moving to Milan, I earned a Master degree – 1st Level, in Strategic Design at Politecnico di Milano. Studying the Design Thinking method, helped me to gain the ability to manage projects with entrepreneur attitude, to work in an international design team and to be enough motivated to work as Experience Design Strategist in Vienna. I applied innovation methodologies and I involved clients through the organisation of design sprint and workshop. Back in Italy, I’m now improving new aspects, needed for a good career in a working context like the one here in Milan. I’m satisfied by the objectives achieved, but I’m wondering what other surprises are hidden in here!

Stand bow lay. Tableware

Interaction and sharing are two of the most widespread actions in contemporary society – think no further than social networks. Indeed, this thesis came out of these key words, a product design project for tableware and accessories with a minimalist aesthetic.

A range of functional, small items designed for the table with the aim of bringing fun to meal times and making food something for sharing and thus able to create dialogue.

The set comprises three collections; a series of food-for-sharing containers to be set in the centre of the table, a table centrepiece with napkin holder and a cutlery set.