Beatrice Maria Galli

Class of: 2001
Nationality: Italiana | Italian
Degree course: GD - Comics and Illustration

I was born in Palermo in spring, on May 15th 2001, and since I was a child it was impossible not to surprise me smudging sheets of paper with coloured crayons and flat markers, letting lines and colours come to life. Growing up I realized that drawing has never been just a diversion in gloomy days or a pastime against boredom during the afternoon lessons, but my way to the future.
I attended the Arts High School in my hometown and I am currently in my third year of university in RUFA, course of Graphic Design, address Comics and Illustration.
Drawing has become my mother language as well as enjoying stories my favourite hobby. Day after day, I try to push myself further to shape my voice, hoping to express myself as I wish.

This book cannot be read!

Since I was a child, fairy tales have had a major influence on me, and, over the years, this effect has always peeped out in my daily life.
“This book cannot be read” comes from my fascination with fairy tales and from the desire to give life to the stories that inhabited my memories for a long time, which I hope will remain in the ones of many others. The project consist of a small collection of silent comics inspired by popular fairy tales from all over the world. It uses a simple and an easy-to read graphic synthesis as well as a limited but vibrant palette of colours, so that the eyes of young readers do not get tired.