Artista - Camilla Geusa

Camilla Geusa

Class of: 1994
Nationality: Italiana | Italian
Degree course: Visual and Innovation Design

I’m Camilla, I prefer Cam, but basically I’m just me.
Positive, caring and curious. Curious. Very curious. I’m always questioning the world that is out there and the world that is in here. Christopher Nolan is a great friend of mine. I play field hockey. Yes, this is a sport, yes, it is a sport, I know you are destabilized. Streetwear runs through my veins. It’s flesh, bones, and sneakers.

My passion for visual design has grown over the years together with my hunger for knowledge. I love to summarize the complexity of a message with few elements: minimalism full of meaning where the reason behind each sign is fundamental. Visual design starts where words end. I am also a photographer: I love hidden details and geometries. Perhaps because my city, Rome, which offers a discovery at every corner. Perhaps because my house looks like a Wes Anderson set. Perhaps because my grandfather was a photographer. Perhaps for all these reasons.

I AM. A social dynamic brand

I AM is a social brand, which does not discriminate, which does not divide, which does not catalogue. A brand focused on people that develops on three levels: institutional, personal and collaborative. A unique voice that speaks in the name of solidarity, equality and diversity at the same time. It speaks in the name of the inalienable right of existence that involves everybody.

I AM is a recognizable, changing, dynamic brand. That changes. Changes with people.

Changes with companies. Changes with us. Because how can something be static and still represent people and companies? How can something that is static and still represent all of the people who exist, that are all different from each other, and change in every instant? It cannot.