Chiara Fiordeponti

Class of: 1999
Nationality: Italiana | Italian
Degree course: GD - Comics and Illustration

My name is Chiara Fiordeponti and I was born in Rieti in 1999.Since I was a child, I have adopted a creative approach towards life and during my growth I have become interested in illustration and comics. After graduating from the high school Antonino Calcagnadoro in Rieti, I decided to make this passion the goal of my studies. I am currently attending the third year of Graphic Design: Comics and Illustration at the Rome University of Fine Arts (RUFA). In 2021 I won the first prize of the WomenInComics competition organized by the ARFfestival, obtaining the opportunity to show my artwork for the first time in an international exhibition.


I’ve always been a fan of board games, both from a playful and a visual point of view. For this reason, I decided to try to develop my own idea, starting from the character and environment design up to the marketing proposal. Parapiglia was born as a self-produced board game, focused on sharpness and the ability to manage resources.