Chiara Rossi

Class of: 1998
Nationality: Italiana | Italian
Degree course: Fotografia

Chiara Rossi was born in 1998 in Rome. After graduating from the artistic high school she decides that her true passion is photography and she enrolles at the University of Fine Arts in Rome. In 2020 she graduates with a project that describes the daily life of a community on a Croatian island. The photographic genre that characterizes her is documentary, where she manages to have direct contact with reality.

The children’s land

Mljet is part of me, as is Rome, my hometown, but when your heart is divided between two paradoxically different countries, you can’t decide where your place is.

The first encounter with the island of Mljet will stay inside you forever.

Its hills, its sea and its nature are part of my memories, as well as its people, always happy and ready to party at any occasion. To see it today, the island is identical to how it was a hundred years ago. The trades, the traditions, not even those have changed, and they have been handed down and carried forward over time. It is easy to come across adolescents who carry out professions such as shepherd or fisherman.
Mine emotional research that wants to grasp the true meaning behind this strong appeal that the island has towards this generation with a lifestyle that, in a modern society like ours, would be considered to belong to past ages.