Artista - Claudia Rolando

Claudia Rolando

Class of: 1995
Nationality: Italiana | Italian
Degree course: Fotografia

Claudia Rolando was born in Rome in 1995. After completing her high school education, she graduated with first class honours at the Rome University of Fine Arts (RUFA) in 2019. Her photographic research is mainly focused on documenting and developing social reportage in Italy and abroad, including Tunisia and Argentina.
Through her pictures, she attempts to transmit the spontaneity of the moment, trying to describe it without invading it. Furthermore she regularly attends and document concerts, expositions, protests and other public or private events. Claudia loves combining her love for her work with her passion for travelling, experimenting with new techniques and taking pictures from different angles. In each shot her goal is to tell a story that can create empathy between the subject and the observers.

Argentina land of migrations

Migration, a current and at the same time founding theme of the history of mankind and of our Country in particular. This is the core of a project that starts from a family experience: the Italian emigration to Argentina. In a journey that becomes a photo-reportage and reconstruction of individual and collective memory, the search for one’s roots and their developments on the other side of the world becomes a metaphor for an increasingly common condition that sees millions of human beings crossing the sea to seek fortune and better living conditions.

At the same time, this reportage is also a story of a Country with an identity that is marked by a diaspora. A Country that often forgets its history, even that of recent times.