Artista - Elena Castiglia

Elena Castiglia

Class of: 1995
Nationality: Italiana | Italian
Degree course: Pittura | Painting

Elena Castiglia was born in Arezzo on 22 February 1995. She has always been passionate about art, and in 2018 she completed a three-year course in Painting at Rome University of Fine Arts. In the meantime, she attends the Course in Curatorial Practices at the School for Curatorial Studies of Venice. Her interest in contemporary art and curatorship led her in 2021 to graduate in the two-year Visual Cultures and Curatorial Practices specialist course at the Brera Academy in Milan. She is currently attending a course on Fundraising and Crowdfunding for Culture promoted by Fondazione Enaip Lombardia. During her studies she has always remained active through internships and work experiences in galleries, museums and in the production for artists of international relevance such as MASBEDO, while continuing her research in the curatorial field. In 2020, together with two artists, she founded Sottofondo studio, a non-profit space for contemporary art in Arezzo. She currently lives and works in Milan.

Curated by who? A reflection on art and art curation in the contemporary art system

Research is focusing on the contemporary debate about two key figures in the world of art: artists and curators. The number of works on this subject are multiplying and strive to pinpoint and understand the dynamics leading to an increasing exchange of influence within the cultural milieus, especially the art world. There is no longer a clear line separating art professionals and their roles are becoming more and more fuzzy around the edges, also leading to the creation of hybrids.

Many professionals who work in close contact with art, in fact, argue that it has become fundamental to search for the origin of these dynamics in the evolution of exhibition venues and art shows.