Artista - Emanuela Mottola

Emanuela Mottola

Class of: 1994
Nationality: Italiana | Italian
Degree course: Multimedia Arts and Design

Emanuela Mottola was born in 1994 in Rome. She attended the Science High School and then she got a Bachelor Degree in Industrial Design at “Sapienza” of Rome. Her thesis project was published in the ADI Index 2017 book and she got the 2017 Lazio Design Excellence Award. Subsequently she attended a 1st level master’s degree in Interior, Exhibit & Retail Design at the Polytechnic of Turin and she graduated in Multimedia Arts and Design from RUFA, during which she did an internship at Studio Azzurro in Milan contributing to the exhibition “Fellini 100. Genio Immortale”. She is currently a member of the Quadro Quantico art collective, founded in 2017 in Rome. She took part to the following festivals: Segnali and MediaArt in 2018; Fashion digital night, Blooming, Rome Europe, Fano jazz by Sea and Stradarolo in 2019; RGB light Experience 2020. Alongside with her work with Quadro Quantico, she works as a designer of interactive systems and multimedia spaces.

Classificazione merceologica può contenere tracce di esseri umani

Against any standardization. This project aims to objectify the human being, exasperating its categorization and translating it into a barcode. An installation identifies and classifies users through the analysis of their voice that is full of expressiveness and emotions. A program analyzes the extra-linguistic information of the users’ voices, according to a predefined criteria. The machine decides what a voice has transmitted to it and categorizes it.

The multiple and variable information related to each voice that is categorized shows how reductive it is to confine individuals into pre-established schemes.